Hoisting Skills Competition of Construction Lifting Machinery in Wuhan Metropolitan Area Hubei Pangyuan won good results
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The 2023 Hoisting Skills Competition of Construction Lifting Machinery in Wuhan Metropolitan Area in Hubei lasting 3 days came to a successful end. The representative team of Hubei Pangyuan Company belonging to Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the group winner award, and Liu Xiaofeng. An employee of the company won the honorary title of "Individual Gold Medal Hoist" and Liu Shuangqi won the honorary title of "Best Personal Hoist". Liu Xiaofeng was awarded the honorary title of "Hubei Province Technical Expert" by the Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and was promoted to the professional qualification of technician.

The competition is jointly sponsored by Hubei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Provincial Committee of Youth League, and jointly organized by Provincial and Municipal Safety Supervision Management Departments, Safety Supervision Industry Associations, and Industry Trade Unions. A total of 60 people from 20 enterprises in Hubei Province participated. After fierce competition, Liu Xiaofeng and Liu Shuangqi of Hubei Pangyuan Company entered the finals.


In the final, on the 27-meter-high flat-headed tower crane, Liu Xiaofeng took out a high-altitude unique skill. He hoisted a water tank containing 1 cubic meter of water,. In the four competitions of "fixed-point sleeve", "fixed-point parking", "running in the rod track" and "hitting standard objects", the landing point was accurate, the sleeve was stable, the rod was less touched, the overflow was less, and the time was short. The level and style of the competition were perfectly displayed, which perfectly demonstrated the exquisite skills and comprehensive ability of the tower crane hoisting "fast, accurate and stable", which was unanimously praised by the participants and judges.

As a witness and practitioner of the "jointed growth" of the construction industry, construction lifting machinery drivers have been working at height for a long time, climbing up and down, and working in windy and sunny days. In order to carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsman spirit, and create an industry style that advocates labor and attaches importance to skills, Hubei Province specially held this hoisting skills competition so that the whole industry paid attention to the profession of drivers, encouraged everyone to continuously improve skills, enhanced professional identity and pride, and promoted the skill exchange of employees in the construction industry.